The Future of Tokenization

The Gamo software introduces a new blockchain and architecture of trust designed to specifically facilitate creation of Decentralized Autonomous Initial Coin Offering (DAICO) by creating an environment which DAICO’s can be built on.

The environment includes coding protocols, testnets, best practice frameworks and enforcement protocols. The resulting technology is a revolutionary blockchain architecture that will help to create Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Businesses that are audited and accountable, keeping the investors safe and updated.


There are many challenges in the actual implementation of DAICO. GAMO aims to solve;

Lack of Standardized Framework

Smart contract interface
for non-developers

Voters problem

GAMO Protocol

The Future of Tokenization

In order to support the creation of DAICO, its platform should be able to provide the technical environment as well as best practice framework.

GAMO Framework

The GAMO Framework is a guideline of enforcement made possible by GAMO and also the best practices which the project developers should follow. It incentivizes compliance to best practices.


A contract-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts. It is used for implementing smart contracts on various blockchain platforms, especially for the purpose of building DAICO. The language is strongly influenced by C++ and Javascript.


A Free, Open Source, Web-based Platform what supports friendly UI for generating and using GAMO Wallets.


An alternative to the GAMO Blockchain to allow developers to test their applications before going live.

The 1st DAICO on GAMO Protocol

tinian Island

Gamo Protocol has entered into a contractual agreement with the marketing and management company of Tinian Island.

Tinian Island is one of the many untouched wonders which is not well known to the world.

Although this island in the Pacific is beautiful, it comes with its drawbacks. There is no currency exchange counters situated in Tinian, so tourists have to travel far to exchange money. The goods and services available on the island are very limited and not standardized. Due to the lack of resources, tourists have been paying more for less and the economy in Tinian is sub-optimal.

This provides a unique opportunity to create a luxury resort in Tinian that will utilize the beauty of the island to create a luxury resort to boost the economy of Tinian and provide tourists with the ultimate vacation.

Gamo Protocol


March 2018

Research & Development

May 2018

1st commitment

January 2018


March 2019

Development of Gamo Protocol
1st DAICO usecase on Ethereum Blockchain (Tinian)

July 2019

2nd DAICO usecase on Ethereum Blockchain

October 2019

Launch in MainNet

November 2019

3rd DAICO usecase on GAMO Protocol

  • May 20181st commitment
  • March 2019Development of Gamo Protocol
    1st DAICO usecase on Ethereum Blockchain (Tinian)
  • October 2019Launch in MainNet
  • March 2018Research & Development
  • January 2018GAMO ICO
  • July 20192nd DAICO usecase on Ethereum Blockchain
  • November 20193rd DAICO usecase on GAMO Protocol
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